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Unique Lesson Circumstances

What do you do if you are writing an NTTI lesson that uses a PowerPoint (or other) presentation with students? or a WebQuest? Fortunately, some teachers have forged the road for you. Here are some rules that have developed out of necessity.

PowerPoint or Other Presentation

If you have developed a presentation to use with students as a primary instrument of instruction, then you need to integrate it into your NTTI lesson. The challenge in doing this is that your slides/stacks most likely include all the information or links to video that would otherwise fill out your lesson plan. But keep this in perspective: The PowerPoint is the technology component of the lesson that serves to teach the students. The lesson plan serves to train the teacher. It is a stand-alone training vehicle.

You will be tempted to do this: How Do You Measure Up? draft one

Keep working to get to this:.How Do You Measure Up? publication

Ideally, you might finish with this: How Do You Measure Up? presentation

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